149 Mark Ramsey | Creating Impact Through Audio Immersive Stories
151 Clay Groves | Breaking Through the Ice. Literally and Figuratively

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Here’s the Recap:

Pat Flynn is an entrepreneur, blogger, author, podcaster, and host of The Smart Passive Income podcast. Pat has been helping people build passive income-driven online businesses ever since 2008.

What We Covered:

  • 07:04 – Pat’s experience with speaking in front of large audiences
  • 08:00 – His earliest memory of performing on a stage
  • 09:26 – The role he plays in his kid’s future career paths
  • 10:37 – What scares him the most as a parent
  • 12:08 – His opinion on children using devices such as iPads
  • 13:16 – His earliest recollection of a video game console
  • 14:20 – His most obsessive moments with video games and his gamer handle
  • 15:46 – His passion for technology
  • 16:10 – The things you sometimes have to do for great vlog footage
  • 17:34 – His recent foray into vlogging
  • 19:39 – If there is something specific about the vlogging medium to be considerate of
  • 21:15 – The importance of relinquishing control and having the right team around you
  • 23:26 – Some mistakes he’s made and what you can learn from them
  • 24:54 – Having Standard Operating Procedures in place for your team
  • 25:47 – What Pat does to ensure he’s always challenging himself and his network of peers
  • 27:16 – What he’s currently doing that’s scaring him and pushing him out of his comfort zone
  • 29:44 – Selling his podcasting course on stage for the first time
  • 34:09 – Handling when everyone wants a piece of Pat Flynn
  • 35:50 – What he does to balance his work/life experience
  • 39:24 – His relationship with friends from his past
  • 41:38 – How he handles giving his time to his fan base at various events
  • 43:42 – Raising the bar each time he performs
  • 45:26 – What he learned about creating keynote speeches
  • 46:28 – His most famous keynote speech and perfecting it each time he performs
  • 48:47 – Why he spends the whole time at the events he attends
  • 50:08 – If he ever reflects back on his career
  • 51:05 – Why he didn’t dance at his prom and his favorite speaking technique revealed
  • 52:36 – The first time he ever hit the dance floor
  • 53:59 – His friend and mentor, Chris Ducker
  • 55:31 – What he’s changed his mind about recently
  • 58:46 – The most misunderstood thing about him
  • 59:58 – His newest project, Build Your Own Brand


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149 Mark Ramsey | Creating Impact Through Audio Immersive Stories
151 Clay Groves | Breaking Through the Ice. Literally and Figuratively