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Here’s the Recap:

Amy Porterfield is a very successful entrepreneur and marketer. Although her early years were rough, she came out on top. Now, with her podcast “Online Marketing Made Easy,” she hopes to inspire the next generation.

I am very excited to interview Amy. We discuss how Amy broke into podcasts, and the people she met since then. We talk about Amy’s success, and the arduous path to get there. Finally, we talk about how Amy has been inspired, and who she hopes to reach with her podcast.

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Amy-Porterfield-interview

What We Covered:

  • 03:00 – Recording podcast with video
  • 07:30 – How Amy got into podcasting
  • 10:00 – People Amy has met through podcasting
  • 14:00 – Amy’s family
  • 17:50 – How Amy’s friends helped her through some big shifts in her career
  • 20:00 – Looking back at Amy’s success
  • 22:00 – Finding the right intentions
  • 24:50 – The mistakes Amy made
  • 27:00 – The amount of planning that goes into Amy’s episodes
  • 30:00 – Where did Amy’s passion originate?
  • 32:00 – Someone who inspired Amy
  • 35:30 – The reach and impact of Amy’s podcast
  • 38:15 – The value of Amy’s friendships
  • 41:40 – Amy’s Photoshoot
  • 43:00 – Talking about weight loss


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179 Win Charles| Inspiring Others To Live Better Lives